Dalou is the company that delivers healthy breakfast right to your office.

Dalou means quality. Dalou works with top local partners to provide crispy croissants, fresh juices, tasty muesli, and plenty of other quality food for your business morning meetings. A good energy boost to make your mornings productive!

Dalou means simplicity. Our invitation-based system makes catering so easy and quick. As a meeting organiser, you just need to set a budget for the meeting breakfast. As a participant to the meeting, you receive an email invitation with a link to Dalou’s beautiful website where you can choose what you want for your breakfast, based on the budget set by the meeting organiser (your boss, usually!).

Dalou means sustainability. We like to keep cities green so we’ll deliver by bicycle your fresh breakfast right before your meeting! We believe in climate change, so we work with local and artisanal bakeries, juiceries, farmers and other sustainable partners that do good to mother nature and communities.

Say goodbye to zombies, say hello to happy and productive teams!


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